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Kerry's Keys Mission Statement- 2019


I believe in providing one-of-a-kind piano lessons that are suited to your goals for wanting to learn the piano.

I believe in piano lessons that focus not only on building a strong knowledge of the rules of music but on being able to innovate and explore the endless ways to unleash creativity!

I value the power of music and having an outlet for everyday emotions. I work hard to achieve the love of playing piano in my students so that they can’t walk by a piano without feeling like they want to play it!

I’m a trained educator as well as a classical pianist, so I am able to ensure what I teach is relevant to your learning style and ambitions. With my knowledge of music and teaching, I make it a priority to ensure I’m not just following a “by the book” method but am able to create engaging, inspiring and fun lessons for the diverse range of students in my studio.

I believe in both myself and the student being excited for the next piano lesson and piano students who are passionate and inspired to learn the piano.

I believe my program is important because music is everything to me. I know that in order to teach something well, you need to love it and be interested in it yourself. I am the kind of teacher that cares about whether you are learning and enjoying yourself as a student and strive to always make sure that piano lessons are a positive experience for you.

Contact me today to see how you can add piano to your life!

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About the Instructor

Kerry was born and raised in St. Albert and is now raising her own family there as well. She is an accomplished pianist, piano teacher, performance pianist and classroom educator. In 25 years of exper